This Renegade could be Jeep's smallest model yet

For the longest time, the smallest Jeep SUV has been the Renegade. Essentially the cousin to the Fiat 500X, it's a funky (or boxy) crossover that comes with an equally stylish interior. It's powered by a wide array of turbocharged engines and also has plenty of amenities and 4x4 features despite its small size.

In the future, however, the Renegade may become the second smallest Jeep. That's because the automaker has been busy testing an all-new model that might slot below the already tiny Renegade. Jeep has yet to name the upcoming vehicle (although it's rumored to be called the Jeepster), but spy photographers have already spotted the newest Jeep being tested on public roads.

Baby Renegade: Jeep's smallest SUV has been spotted image

Unlike most Jeeps currently on sale, the newest SUV will apparently be available as an electric vehicle (EV). While the SUV itself is still covered in camouflage, we already know that it will have a somewhat boxy design like the Renegade. It also has what appears to be a unique pair of LED headlights, a distinct front bumper, and cubed-shaped LED taillights. It will also have sporty alloy wheels although we believe these might be replaced once the vehicle is officially revealed.

Platform-wise, the new electric Jeep will reportedly be underpinned by the PSA CMP architecture which is designed for small vehicles. The architecture is already seeing use in other Stellantis models like the Opel Mokka, the DS3 Crossback, and the Peugeot 2008 we currently have in the country.

Baby Renegade: Jeep's smallest SUV has been spotted image

Since it will be a small crossover, we won't be surprised if it will have the 1.2-liter turbocharged three-cylinder derived from the 2008. And as mentioned earlier, it might also be available with an electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery to fulfill its EV role.

With the all-new Jeep seemingly already wearing its production body, we won't be surprised if the automaker actually reveals it later this year or in early 2023. Hopefully, Jeep actually offers it here in the Philippines alongside the already familiar Renegade.