Find the Ford Ranger too big? Over the past generations, Ford's 'compact' pickup has been stretching the definition of what is, indeed, small. So much so that Ford is actually considering building a new small pickup, one that will slot under the popular Ranger.

Ford Motor Company's president for global markets, Jim Farley, told Automotive News that they are working on their pickup truck range. The executive added that they are, indeed, confirming that a smaller, less expensive pickup that will slot below the Ranger. Farley also said that they aim to 'invest more in affordable versions of their our truck business'.

That being said, Farley didn't spill all the beans on the 'baby Ranger'. He didn't even drop the name of the small pickup. Some names do crop up from time to time, with 'Courier' being one of them. The name Courier typically meant a small Ford pickup truck, and was the name of the Ranger in Australia until 2007. It was last used in 2013 as a Fiesta-based pickup over in Latin America. Further evidence of the name's return was fueled by a patent Ford filed back in July 2018.

As for the truck itself, it's all up to speculation as to what exactly it will be, whether a shortened Ranger platform or a car-based mini-hauler. US car magazine Automobile reckons it will be the latter. As mentioned, Ford isn't new to the idea of a car-based pickup with the last Fiesta-platformed Courier. But as to what car it will be based on is still up for debate. The next-generation Escape appears to be a likely candidate. Based on the Ford Focus, the all-new Escape is due by 2020, and with a taller ride height, it seems suited for light-duty hauling.

Of course, there are still a lot of questions floating around. Will it have four-wheel drive? Will it be available with a diesel? Is Ford even going to consider selling it outside of the Americas? For now, the world will have to wait because Farley didn't mention a target date for the small pickup.

Source: Automotive News, Automobile