Last year, Paris had restricted the entry of 20 year old cars from entering the city. This move was made to curb smog and pollution in the city. This time around, it's Barcelona who is making the move to reduce pollution.

Starting 2019, Barcelona, along with 39 surrounding municipalities, will ban the entry of pre-1997 cars into the city on weekdays. This is a similar policy adapted in Paris but the Spanish rule will not have a 'window' for entry and use around the city. Spanish authorities have said this move will not only it lessen pollution, but also cut down on congestion as well.

The new rule will affect around seven percent of motorists in the area. It accounts for approximately 106,000 cars. Cars that are allowed entry into the city will be those registered on or after January 1997. To car owners who will be affected by the rule, the government is currently lobbying for free public transport around the city for these individuals, should they choose to give up their cars.

City officials believe that this rule will cut down the air pollution index by ten percent. At the moment, Barcelona exceeds the pollution levels set by the World Health Organization. Other cities have taken steps to improve air quality. These are Mexico City, Madrid and Athens. By next year, the City of London will also levy a 'Toxin Tax' for all older gas and diesel-powered cars in the area.