Provincial Government of Bataan to launch NCAP system for Roman Expressway

Motorists that frequently travel along Roman Expressway in Bataan better behave while behind the wheel.

The Provincial Government of Bataan will launch a No-Contact Apprehension Program (NCAP) for vehicular traffic along the 68-km roadway. This new initiative will not only make the region a safer place for motorists, but it will also turn Bataan into a world-class province through its use of high-tech systems in apprehending erring drivers.

The NCAP system that will be launched in Bataan was made possible after Governor Albert S. Garcia signed a joint venture agreement with QPAX Traffic Systems Inc. last year.

According to Garcia, the system will use high-tech cameras capable of taking pictures of a vehicle's license plates and identifying the traffic laws they have violated. These can include overspeeding, not wearing a seatbelt, or even using a phone while driving.

Once online, Garcia claims that the NCAP system will help reduce the number of road accidents. At the same time, it could also help drivers become more disciplined while plying the Roman Expressway.

With Quezon City and Manila already having their own versions of no-contact apprehension, Bataan's plan to launch its own NCAP system might also influence other provinces to do the same. That way, they can easily identify an erring motorist's vehicle and license plate.

More details regarding Bataan's new NCAP system will be revealed once it's officially launched tomorrow.