If you've got the money to spare for a truly unique car, then perhaps you can bid for a turbine-powered Batmobile replica that's been put up on eBay.


Yes, that's right. For the next 4 days, you can bid for a replica of the Batmobile seen on the 1989 Batman and its sequel, Batman Returns on eBay. The car is fully functional, and is driven by a turbine engine that can run on jet fuel, kerosene or diesel. It is actually street legal (more or less) in the United States as it is currently registered.

The car is owned and build by Casey Putsch, and has just run 1,989 miles, or so the odometer says. The car has 365 horsepower, and features fiberglass and aluminum bodywork. The center console features an iPad that has various displays of the car's systems. If you're worried about speed bumps, the ride height is adjustable as well.

The price? USD 620,000. Being Batman certainly doesn't come cheap.