With the holiday rush just around the corner, vehicles are bound to see a lot of action. Whether its on long stretches of highways or the stop-and-go traffic of the -Ber months, preparedness is the key to a smooth ride and driver.

To make sure that your batteries maintain their tip-top shape, CTEK has launched their Special Value Pack that bundles the essentials for maintaining your vehicle’s battery, while making it easy on the pocket.

Battery maintenance made easy by CTEK image

The main component of this limited edition bundle box is the CTEK MXS 5.0, an all-around smart battery charger designed to evaluate, recondition, and charge 12V lead-acid batteries. Featuring CTEK’s signature 8-step charging cycle and pulse-monitoring system, the MXS 5.0 ensures safe and reliable maintenance for your car battery.

To complement the MXS 5.0, the bundle box includes 1 Comfort Indicator Eyelet that not only makes connecting the charger to the battery more convenient but also gives the user an idea of their vehicle’s battery’s condition. The Bumper 60, is included in the package as well. It is a non-slip silicone rubber sleeve to protect the charger from possible drops, while at the same time minimizing the chances of slipping while promoting secure handling.

Battery maintenance made easy by CTEK image

CTEK is offering this bundle for a limited time. Compared to its normal SRP of PhP 8280, you can get yours from select Blade Asia and Parts Pro branches for PhP 7300, which adds up to a PhP 980 saving. Just to spice things up some more, CTEK will include a free gift with your purchase as well: an exclusive 5,000mah CTEK power bank designed to charge your favorite mobile and digital devices.

Should you need more information on CTEK and its products, you can reach the exclusive CTEK distributor at facebook.com/CTEK.Ph or at 0917-5754812.