According to the MTPB, these are the official parking fees in Manila

Think back to the last time you parked on the streets of Manila. How much did you pay? Was it Php 20? Php 40? Or maybe even Php 50? Odds are, you were likely overcharged than what is actually stated on the ticket... that's if you were even given a ticket in the first place.

Unfortunately, overcharging on parking rates has become quite rampant in Manila. In order to address the issue of overcharged parking fees in the city, the Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) has announced the official parking tickets fees in authorized parking spaces.

According to the MTPB, Light Vehicles shall only be charged Php 20 for the first 3 hours. Medium Vehicles will be charged Php 30 for the first 3 hours, and Heavy Vehicles Php 60 for the first 3 hours. For every exceeding hour, an additional Php 15 will be charged for light vehicles, Php 20 for medium vehicles and Php 40 for heavy vehicles.

Based on the ticket, cars, jeeps, tricycles, pedicabs, and motorcycles are categorized under light vehicles. Medium vehicles are composed of vans and delivery trucks except for 10-wheeler trucks. Heavy vehicles, meanwhile are buses, 10-wheeler trucks, and other heavy equipment.

If you pay anything more than what is mentioned above, then the parking attendant is already overcharging you. Should you encounter one, you may report these erring attendants to the Manila City Hall by contacting (02) 527-9860 or through their official Facebook page as previously mentioned by Manila Mayor Isko Moreno.

The MTPB adds that each parking attendant should have three copies of a ticket. One copy will be for accounting, one for the parking attendant themselves, and the last will be the customer's copy. Once parked at an authorized parking area, the MTPB tells the public to call the authorized parking attendant immediately.