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Beijing 2014: BMW Vision Future Luxury concept unveiled


Could be the template for the next 7-Series

BMW has revealed its Vision Future Luxury concept sedan at the 2014 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, showcasing its long-term outlook for the luxury brand.

“We use visionary concept vehicles like the BMW Vision Future Luxury to show where we may be going with these themes in the future, and to give us new inspiration and motivation. The BMW Vision Future Luxury – with its innovative technologies and with meticulous precision and quality in every detail – takes our thinking on modern luxury a logical stage further,” said Adrian van Hooydonk, senior vice president of BMW Group Design, in a press release.

The cabin is particularly note-worthy with its use of ‘subtractive modelling,’ where carbon-fiber layers form the base of the interior panels and the seats, which are then topped with leather and wood. This results in a light-weight cabin and body shell that is strong enough not to have a full B-pillar.


The stylish interior is comprised of high-quality aniline leather in ‘Batavia’ brown and a lighter color ‘Silk nubuk’ leather, with warm brown, layered lime wood accents. Strategically placed lighting slats integrated into the wood add a warm glow, with deep-pile, pure silk carpets tying everything together.

At the front, the driver’s side instrument panel has three, intermeshing displays. The left-hand display mainly presents vehicle-related information. In the center, a programmable cluster displays speedometer, rev counter and other information, as well as context-adaptive supplementary data, which is displayed when needed. Meanwhile, the right-hand display – the Driver Information Display – provides additional infotainment information.

All these are complemented by the BMW Vision Head Up Display, which integrates driver assistance functions such as Speed Limit Info, where road signs can be identified and highlighted in the driver’s field of view, or the Traffic Light Assistant, which provides real-time information about traffic light phasing.

The front-seat passenger also has his or her own Passenger Information Display, shared with the driver, which can connect to applications like the BMW ConnectedDrive Luxury Concierge. All of these can be controlled with the company’s iDrive controller interface.

In the back seat is a retractable table and two, detachable Rear Seat Touch Command Tablets that can do everything from looking trip-related information, like speed and journey time, to information relating to the Luxury Concierge Services. These can also be used for online entertainment content, like internet-based video and music streaming, as well as gaming.

Outside, the car’s long wheelbase, short overhangs and coupe-style roofline help reduce aerodynamic drag.

Up front is the company’s signature kidney grille, surrounded by very sleek ‘Laserlight’ head lights. The company said these lights shine “up to ten times more intense than that of an LED system.” At the ends of the lower bumper are carbon-fiber air deflectors that are part of BMW’s EfficientDynamics program.

Along the side, the flared wheel arches and the metallic trim at the bottom of the front fenders give the car a muscular, square-shouldered stance.

The high trunk lip at the back is accentuated by the slender, L-shaped, organic light-emitting diode (OLED) tail lights. The large openings on both sides of the bumper aid aerodynamics, with the metal trim around the exhaust pipes adding flair to the rear end’s design.

“The design of the BMW Vision Future Luxury is the messenger of our philosophy of modern luxury, one in which innovative technologies play a key and vital role. These innovations deliver a new, multifaceted luxury experience that spans intelligent lightweight engineering, innovative interior design and a radically new user interface design,” said Karim Habib, Head of BMW Design.

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