Land Rover unveiled the Range Rover Hybrid Long Wheelbase at the 2014 Beijing International Auto Show.

The automaker says the vehicle brings together the recent innovations in the Range Rover line-up – a combination of premium luxury, interior space, exceptional fuel and emissions performance.

The Range Rover Hybrid Long Wheelbase will also be the first diesel hybrid vehicle from any manufacturers to be offered in China.

The exterior of the Range Rover Hybrid Long Wheelbase

The exterior design is identical to the standard Long Wheelbase (LWB) Range Rover. The only difference are the few ‘Hybrid’ badge.

The interior of the Range Rover Hybrid Long Wheelbase

Inside, the vehicle has an additional 186 mm of legroom for rear passengers. The Range Rover Hybrid LWB has an optional executive seating package that increase the rear seat angle of recline to 17 degrees.

The Range Rover Hybrid powertrain combines Land Rover’s 3.0-liter SDV6 diesel engine with a 48 PS electric motor and mated to an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission. The powertrain system of the vehicle also includes a lithium ion battery pack.

The electric motor  alone produces 170 Nm of torque and serves as a generator that gathers kinetic energy through regenerative braking, charging the battery when the vehicle is slowing down. In electric vehicle mode, Land Rover says the vehicle can travel at speed of 48 km/h for a range of up to 1.6 km before the diesel engine starts.

Together, the diesel engine and the electric motor can generate an output of 340 PS with 700 Nm of torque.