China's first premium electric car has just made its debut in Beijing. Leshi Internet Information & Technology, also known as LeEco, has just unveiled their entry in the growing EV market. Called the LeSee, it features a modular platform and autonomous driving.

Rear quarter - LeEco LeSee

Featuring a streamlined, coupe-like look, the LeSee's exterior has been optimized for aerodynamic efficiency. At the front, it sports an LED strip to serve as the car's headlights, complemented by a pair of LED daytime running lights at the bottom half of the bumper. Moving to its side, it gets creases and a broad quarter panel, giving the car a more athletic stance, Like the front, the rear tail light is comprised of a single LED strip.

interior - LeEco LeSee

Inside, the cabin features a stowable steering wheel when autonomous drive is engaged. Dominating the center console is a "smart screen" which manages the car's infotainment and other basic functions. Rear passengers are treated to a pair of screens mounted on the front headrests.

At the time of writing, LeEco has yet to reveal the LeSee's powertrain. However, the company plans to share hardware components with other manufacturers in order to help the EV segment grow. The electric car was jointly developed with Faraday Future and Aston Martin and LeEco filed 833 patents last year during the car's development.