Possibly the best looking wood trim by far

Luxury automakers are constantly finding ways to make their vehicles even more posh and exclusive. They do so by adding the latest features available or by using the best materials to line the entire cabin.

Bentley, however, has been tinkering around with wood trimmings to give the interior an even more luxurious finish. It’s not just any fancy wood though. The automaker has recently introduced a new three-dimensional wood panel.

Bentley is playing around with 3D wood panels image

Wood panels inside vehicles has been around for a while, especially for luxury automakers. However, this is the first time a 3D pattern has been made and used on a production model. For those wondering, yes that is actual wood, not the faux wood trim (read: plastic) you get on more affordable executive vehicles.

The 3D wood trim is one of the newest options offered by the British marque from the Bentley Mulliner ‘Collections’. The panels for the rear doors and quarter panels are handcrafted from a single block of sustainable American Walnut or American Cherry timber. A striking, diamond-shaped pattern enhanced with a three-dimensional surface finish is then machined directly into the wood. Bentley says it is a “harmonious marriage of traditional skills and modern technology”.

Bentley is playing around with 3D wood panels image

This isn't the first time Bentley played around with 3D-style wood though. The 3D-machined wood first debuted back in 2015 with Bentley’s EXP 10 Speed 6 concept car. At the time, the design was inspired by leather seats with diamond quilts. It then took the automaker 18 months of development before the production model debuted. The long development time was worth it though; it looks unlike any wood trim before.

Bentley is playing around with 3D wood panels image

“Three-Dimensional Wood is the next interior design element we’ve taken from concept car idea to production reality. It works in perfect harmony with the three-dimensional leather quilting across the cabin of the Flying Spur and creates an even more special environment for those being driven,” said Brett Boydell, Bentley’s Head of Interior Design for the Flying Spur.

For those that want a 3D wood panel on their Bentley, the new fancy interior trim is only available on the flagship Flying Spur. Considering the amount of work that goes into making one, expect this option to be an expensive add-on.