The world’s most sought after luxury brand, Bentley, struck gold in 2013 recording their most profitable yet in 95 years they’ve been making automobiles.  In fact, last year one of every four luxury cars delivered was a Bentley.

After taking the company to new heights, Bentley is setting its sights on the SUV market. 

Bentley hasn’t even named the SUV yet but they’ve already listed down 2,000 preorders.

According to the company’s press release, ‘it will be the most luxurious and powerful SUV on the market, setting it apart from any other SUV, true to the brand hallmarks of luxury, performance, quality and craftsmanship’.

It will sport a 6.0L W12 engine but Bentley’ has also confirmed that it will offer more powertrains once the project has moved further along.  Price is definitely north of £140,000.

“It will create a completely new segment in the SUV market,” said Dr Wolfgang Schreiber, Chairman and Chief Executive at Bentley Motors.