Two weeks ago, BGC officials announced that a new, one-way traffic scheme will be implemented around the business district. Now, they have announced that the new rule will be set in place starting September 17, 2018. It was initially supposed to be imposed on August 28, 2018, but officials have moved it to the new said date.

In a statement, Bonifacio Estate Services Corporation general manager Jun Galvez said the new traffic rule is "the most efficient traffic circulation scheme for BGC’s street grid network. It maximizes the width of the street that is available for traffic, reduces the conflicts between vehicles and pedestrians at intersections, and minimizes the time that vehicles and pedestrians are stopped at traffic signals”.

Better get used to BGC's plan for one-way streets starting September 17

To recap, two of BGC's major roads – 7th Avenue and 9th Avenue – will both be one way streets. 7th Ave. will be one-way starting from Starbucks at the corner of 32nd Street all the way to the other end which is Mckinley Parkway. Federation Drive will also become a one-way street from 7th Ave. going to 9th Avenue. Parallel to 7th Avenue, 9th Avenue will be also one-way but will be heading the opposite way towards 34th Street. 34th Street and McKinley Parkway will continue to be a two-way road.

Rizal Drive will continue to be a one-way street up until 28th Street. Turning into 28th Street however, and it will also be converted into a one-way road starting from the Mind Mueseum up until 11th Avenue. 11th Ave continues to be a two way road through its entirety. The street parallel to 28th, 30th Street, will be turned into a one-way road going the opposite direction towards Mind Museum.