There is no question that one of the most highly anticipated models from Toyota is the new Hilux.

Earlier this year, the facelifted version was already spotted in Thailand but featured heavy camouflage. Even with the camo, we managed to spot a number of obvious changes to the pickup’s front and rear end. A few months later, leaked images of the supposed Hilux facelift surfaced on the internet. This time around, without the camouflage.

Now, it seems some more photos of the 2021 Hilux have surfaced, but with a twist: it might be the GR Sport version... the one inspired by Toyota Gazoo Racing. 

Is this the GR Sport version of the facelifted Toyota Hilux? image

There's no getting around the fact that these supposed images of the 2021 Hilux GR Sport are very low quality. As such, it is hard to verify whether these are renders or originals. We’re leaning towards the latter as they seem to be taken at a dealer presentation.

If the photos are to be believed, the pick-up in the photos does resemble the leaked images of the Hilux earlier this year but with additional exterior bits and pieces. Should this be the upcoming Hilux GR Sport, it looks like it will have a blacked-out grill, black fender flares, and a revised front bumper. There’s also a more prominent skid plate, a tailgate roll bar, and larger black wheels to complete the look.

Other leaked photos supposedly show the Hilux’s new range of wheels together with all the pieces added to the GR Sport model. It's hard to see due to the low quality of the images, the updated interior is also shown though it's quite difficult to discern what’s new. We will likely have to wait for the official reveal in order to get a better look.

Is this the GR Sport version of the facelifted Toyota Hilux? image

There’s no word on powertrain just yet, both on the standard Hilux and the GR Sport. But it is likely that the same diesel powertrains will be carried over.

For reference, the current Hilux GR Sport (offered only in Latin America is more of a performance model) packs a gasoline-powered V6 which produces 238 PS and 376 Nm torque with either a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic, and a better suspension set up. But it is likely that the new GR Sport (which may be offered in more markets) will be more of a cosmetic upgrade rather than a performance version like the one in Latin America. 

According to our sources the updated Toyota Hilux was initially scheduled to enter production in May 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been delayed by 1 month to June 2020. As such, we might not have to deal will low resolution photos of the Hilux and Hilux GR Sport for long.