Need to go around Bonifacio Global City (BGC) but don't plan on taking a car with you? In case you'll just be using your personal mobility device (PMD), BGC recently announced that it now has dedicated PMD lanes around the city.

With it, people riding on bicycles, e-scooters, electric kick scooters, hoverboards, unicycles, and other similar devices can now safely go around BGC via these lanes. Be warned, however, that not all of BGC's streets have dedicated PMD lanes. At times, these lanes will also be shared with buses and cyclists.

The dedicated PMD lanes are located at McKinley Parkway, 11th Avenue, 34th Street, and 8th Avenue. Meanwhile, the shared bus and bicycle lanes are along Federacion Drive, 7th Avenue, 9th Avenue, 28th Street, 30th Street, Rizal Drive, and 3rd Avenue.

BGC now has dedicated lanes for e-scooters, hoverboards image

BGC wishes to remind those that will use their PMDs to get around BGC must always wear protective gear. This is to ensure that in case of an accident, the PMD riders will always well-protected.

The next time you're in BGC and feel like going around without having to leave a parking lot, why not have your PMD with you? Not only will you save on parking fees and fuel bills, but you also get some exercise out of it as well.