The COVID-19 pandemic may have delayed the completion of several Metro Manila infrastructure projects, but the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is keen on finishing these projects in due time, or earlier.

Take for example the BGC Ortigas-Link Bridge project. It had a target completion date of June 2020. However, the global pandemic crisis suspended construction work and delayed its planned opening.

But with infrastructure work resuming last May 15, the DPWH was able to get a head-start on restarting construction work on the bridge. But what is the current status of the bridge itself? And what is the new target date for completion for the said bridge?

BGC-Ortigas Link Bridge could be finished as early as January 2021 image

Speaking with DPWH’s Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo, the BGC-Ortigas Link Bridge project is "52% complete". Meanwhile, the bridge’s target date of completion is now set for April 28, 2021. However, the DPWH is looking to complete the BGC-Ortigas Link Bridge as early as January 2021. They plan to do this by increasing the workers and putting up additional shifts.

Like the workers posted at the NLEX Harbor Link project, the DPWH has provided lodging facilities for the workers working on the BGC-Ortigas Link Bridge. This was done in order to keep construction workers safe from the virus and by minimizing their exposure to other people.

With the project already passing the halfway mark, perhaps the DPWH might be able to finish the bridge project ahead of schedule.