Coinciding with the celebration of the 4th UN Global Road Safety Week, Senator JV Ejercito files two bills to increase road safety for both public and private vehicles.

Under the Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act of 2017 or SBN 1447, a child restraint system is being proposed in order to protect infants and children from the harsh effects of sudden braking of vehicles.

The current seat belt law protects only adults (driver and passenger) while nothing has been purposely created to address the safety for infants and children.

"The lack of a road safety law that targets children and infants is what I would want to address. This is why I am seeking to pass the use of a Child Restraint Systems in private vehicles," said Ejercito.

In order to reduce the number of fatalities from vehicular accidents involving public utility vehicles, the senator also filed the Anti-Overloading Act of 2017 or SBN 1446.

The bill seeks to increase the penalties on operators and owners of PUVs who violate the prescribed maximum capacity of vehicles as stated in the law.

First offense will incur a Php 50,000 penalty including suspension of franchise, the second has a Php 250,000 fine plus suspension of franchise while the third levies a Php 1 million fine and revocation of franchise.

Should the accident, coupled with the overloading violation, include fatalities, owners and/or operators of the PUV shall incarcerated for two years and one day up to six years.

"We have to update and strictly implement the law because in reality, almost all public utility vehicles have a habit of overloading vehicles at the expense of passengers' comfort and safety. We should be strict on these particularly for vehicles traversing mountainous passes," added Ejercito.