Mazda2 goes Soul Red and SkyActiv in Bangkok

Mazda debuts the 1.3-liter SkyActiv-G powered Mazda2 at the 36th Bangkok International Motor Show. To further highlight its SkyActiv sporting heritage, Mazda highlighted its display with a predominantly Soul Red finished passenger car lineup of the Mazda2 and Mazda3.

Bangkok 2015: Mazda2 debuts with 1.3-liter SkyActiv-G image

The Mazda2 was introduced with a diesel 1.5-liter SkyActiv-D engine during the sedan’s global debut in Bangkok last year, which also featured similarly powered hatchback versions which are compliant to the Thai government’s "eco-car" program. This year Mazda has rolled out gas-fed 1.3-liter SkyActiv-G powered versions 

The engine is rated at 93 PS with 123 Nm of torque and mated to a 6-speed SkyActiv automatic gearbox.  It comes with iStop (auto start/stop) and iEloop regenerative brake system. For safety, it comes with ABS, EBD, DSC, and dual front airbags.

The 1.3-liter gas-fed version is expected to debut in the Philippine market this year as the Japanese brand hopes to gain lost ground in the competitive compact segment. It is still unclear whether a 1.5-liter version will also be released. As previously reported, Mazda will supply vehicles to ASEAN and Oceania through the Auto Alliance Thailand facility in Rayong.