The Blaupunkt brand name returns to the Philippines with a new and updated product line up featuring the latest technological innovations and breakthroughs. The Blaupunkt name is one we are all quite familiar with in the car audio world and some of you may have noticed that it has been oddly quiet and missing industry for the last couple of years. The company was bought by Munich-based investment company Aurelius Group in 2009 from Bosch and underwent restructuring to reinventing itself to bring better products to the market.

The product of the reinvention is the ‘Blaupunkt Global Brand Community’, first introduced in 2010. The new product range will include car entertainment products, antennas and accessories, and other product groups made by its international brand partners. The ‘Blaupunkt Global Brand Community’ is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing outstanding quality and value.


To spearhead its innovative lineup, the company marketed the New York 800, a double DIN, all-in one head unit, which integrates navigation, multimedia entertainment and portable media connectivity, making it a true wonder product. The New York 800 stands out not only by virtue of its 6.2-inch display in digital technology, but also its long list of cutting-edge features and outstanding quality.

New York 800

The new generation of Blaupunkt’s in-car head units, the Toronto, the San Francisco, and the Atlanta, also include contemporary, cutting edge features and elegant front fascia designs as expected from Blaupunkt, a brand which has stood for crystal clear sound playback and outstanding product quality for decades. With reliable and user-friendly integrated interfaces for iPod, iPhone, USB sticks, memory cards and portable hard drives, Blaupunkt in-car head units are exceptional devices with easy operation that are perfect for the modernized, digital world of the 21st Century. Integrated hands-free operation, access to your mobile phone’s address book and audio-streaming via Bluetooth are just some of the state-of-the-art features which allow for easy, safe, handsfree operation to make driving safer.


Also coming to the market is the new GT Series, which now enters its 12th generation with a host of improvements. The GT Series speakers and subwoofers were developed with quality and value in mind, featuring a timeless, aesthetically pleasing design. Blaupunkt has also added variousactive subwoofers that are compact yet powerful; perfect for those who are short on space.

Heading the GT Series is the new ‘Power’ line featuring outstanding performance values and an almost aggressive design to impress even experienced car hi-fi experts. In addition to the fun factor, the GT Power package also scores top marks in the ‘price-per-watt’ department. And what’s even more: the speakers and subwoofers from Blaupunkt provide rich bass beats, dynamic design and a lot of attention to detail.


“In addition to its value-for-money mission, Blaupunkt also keeps a sharp eye on the trends of tomorrow so that we will continue to meet customer needs in the future as well,” explained Blaupunkt’s Managing Director. “We make sure that both quality and design reflect the tradition of the Blaupunkt brand. Consumers can rest assured that the blue dot is and always will be a symbol of quality for products on the highest level.”

Blaupunkt was also voted as the most popular Car Hi-Fi brand in Germany on, Germany’s third largest Internet portal for all things car related. The ‘Germany’s First Choice Award 2010’ was presented to Blaupunkt during ‘Techno Classica’ in Essen.

Blaupunkt traces its history to 1923, under the ‘Ideal’ name in those days. The German company manufactured headphones, and each headphone set passing quality control was marked with a blue spot. Eventually, customers began referring to Ideal’s headphones as the ‘blue-dot headphones’ and in 1938, Ideal decided to rename the company as Blaupunkt, which means ‘blue spot’ or ‘blauer Punkt’ in German.


Blaupunkt has been in the original equipment business for years and continues to supply head units, amplifiers, loudspeakers and other audio accessories to major automotive players like VW, Audi, GM, Ford, and many more.

Blaupunkt products are available at the following Premium Dealers:

LRT – Ortigas Home Depot, Pasig City

C3 4X4 (SNY Customs) – 27 Sgt. Rivera Avenue C3 Araneta Avenue Extension, Quezon City

For more information on Blaupunkt products and where to buy, you may contact Blaupunkt Philippines at 0917-5754812 or email [email protected]