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Blue and white roundel revelry


When one sees the blue-and-white propeller-like roundel that is the BMW logo, one can't help but think of high end cars and motorcycles and owners who live the good life 24-7-365. That is the reason behind BMW Philippines' series of XPos at the Fort Bonifacio Global City (Taguig), a revelry of all things pertaining to the said roundel.

The previous XPo at the Fort Bonifacio Global City (held in Spetember 2006) featured the launch of the new Z4 3.0si and Z4 2.5i roadsters, the 150hp 320i Limited Edition and the 1-Series Limited Edition. This time, the XPo featured the newest additions to the BMW line of automobiles (the new X3 sports activity vehicle, the Z4 coupe, the 320i Executive and the 118i Executive) and the newest additions to the BMW Motorrad (motorcycle) sport line (the R 1200 S, the K 1200 R Sport, the F 800 S and the F 800 ST).

The new X3 comes in two variants (P 3.19 million 2.0d diesel and P 3.75 million 2.5si gasoline) and sports changes to the exterior, interior, suspension and transmission. On the other hand, the Z4 coupe comes in two variants (P 4.62 million 3.0si and special order Z4 3.2L M version). For those who would like to upgrade their BMWs - specifically, the 1-Series, the current and E46 (1998-2005) 3-Series, the current and E39 (1996-2003) 5-Series and the X3 - with M Performance packages (high performance alloy wheels, aerodynamic package or M Sport exterior package), one can do it with zero percent interest in three, six or 12 equal installments via any BPI credit card.

For the Motorrad enthusiast, the R 1200 S sport bike totes an air- and oil-cooled two-cylinder, four stroke horizontally opposed engine (HOE or "boxer" engine due to the reciprocating motion of the engine's pistons, which look like boxer's fists) mated to a tubular space frame chassis that dry weighs in at 190 kg, with an output of 122hp and 112 NMs of torque. The R 1200 S also features partial integral ABS (anti-lock braking system) that retains handlebar lever brake action on both wheels but the footbrake clamps on the rear wheel for optimum stoppage. The F 800 S and F 800 ST sport tourers tote water-cooled, 85hp/86 NM parallel two-cylinder four-strokers that showcase a new toothed belt drive with loss-free power transmission, easier to maintain than a chain drive and (according to BMW Philippines) better durability. And arguably the most powerful naked bike available from BMW, the K1200 R Sport totes an inline-four cylinder engine that makes 163 hp and 127 NMs of torque, high handlebars for precision handling, and half fairing that makes it possible to ride at top speed for prolonged periods without getting tired.

The recent XPo also featured a sneak preview of the BMW Art Cars Collection via a specially designed display of the BMW Art Car Miniatures. Featuring artwork from notables such as Any Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Alexander Calder and Frank Stella, these rolling personal artistic expressions are presently on a world tour and will also be presented at the Ayala Museum March 7-31, 2007. For example, Andy Warhol's take on the BMW M1 racecar depicts speed pictorially, with blurred lines and colors mimicking the 1979 24 Hours of Le Mans race, where the Warhol-painted car finished sixth overall.
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