There are interesting police fleets around the world. Dubai has their supercars, the US has the Ford Police Interceptor and Dodge Charger, while we have the Mitsubishi Montero Sport. Over Singapore however, they have taken a page from Europe for their highway patrol vehicle of choice.

BMW 3 Series reports for patrol duty in Singapore

Singapore's boys in blue have chosen the BMW 3 Series as their steed of choice to watch over the country's expressways. These new patrol cars appear set to replace the fleet of Volvo S80s which also serve as the country's fast response cars. This isn't the first time the Singapore police force has chosen BMW for their patrols. The last used the cars from Bavaria in the late 90's and shared the motor pool with cars like the Toyota Corolla and non-turbocharged Subaru Imprezas.


Curiously, the range of 3 Series patrol cars have been debadged. However, a look at the tailpipes hint that this may possibly be a high-powered model. It is possible that it could be a 320i, 330i, or even a 330d. Whatever it may be, it will keep those who think about running from the law guessing what heat the police are packing under the hood.

BMW 3 Series reports for patrol duty in Singapore

A peek around the interior shows it's not just a 3 Series wearing a police uniform. They went as fas as moving the iDrive screen to the bottom to make way for the radio and speed detecting hardware. No fancy power-adjustable seats in here either, it's all manual adjust. Also, the patrol car is equipped with an automatic. For now, there are eight of these 3 Series M Sport police cars.