Back in 1994, BMW introduced its first built-in navigation system on its BMW 7 Series. Since then the functionality of navigation systems from BMW have been steadily increasing both in its performance and user interface.

Just this week, BMW introduced their latest addition to their evolving infotainment system, the BMW ConnectedDrive. It features the new generation BMW Navigation system Professional, it boasts more powerful and impressive performance than ever, featuring a design rendered entirely in 3D, a modified display and control concept as well as a host of extra Navigation, Office, and Multimedia functions.


It is also capable of dictation function with full speech recognition system. This enables the driver to compose short texts for emails and SMS messages while driving by simply dictating them. Meanwhile, the function for recording voice memos then sending them by email ensures that any flashes of inspiration at the wheel can be instantly preserved.


The BMW iDrive Touch Controller also got its upgrade with the addition of a multi-touch touchpad, not only does the Controller allow characters to be entered with the finger, it lets drivers navigate in maps and websites or magnify them.

Along with these products, BMW also introduced the BMW (Long Term Evolution)LTECar Hotspot. Itushers in the next generation of mobile internet. This particular accessory makes BMW the first car manufacturer to bring the ultimate in high-speed mobile internet to the road.


Lastly, BMW opens up the platform for apps from other provides to support integration of smartphone applications from third parties. The BMW Group’s Software Development Kit (SDK) facilitates the integration of third-party apps into the vehicle’s native control and display logic, allowing drivers to use their favorite apps in their cars too.