BMW AG reveals 3-door 1-Series and 3-Series Touring


Expanding the line

The BMW Group has just revealed the new versions of two of their best sellers in the new 1-Series 3-door hatch and the 3-Series Touring sport wagon.


BMW 1-Series three door

The new 1-Series 3-Door hatchback expands the 1-Series lineup for customers who desire a more sporty premium hatch. The new 3-door version removes the rear doors in favor of lengthened front doors and a stretched side line, the result of which is a car that is identical in dimensions to the 5-door 1-Series.

The new model also coincides with the launch of several new engines for the 1-Series including a new entry level 114i as well as the return of of the 3.0 twin turbo straight six in the BMW M135i with 320 horsepower.


BMW 3-Series Touring

ACC BMW may have launched the 3-Series Sedan, but over in Europe, BMW has expanded the line to include the new, more practical and more versatile sport wagon version, the 3-Series Touring.

The new model promises the same driving dynamics that BMW is known for, along with a storage capacity of 495 liters to lead the class. The Touring will be made available with 328i, 330d and 320d variants.

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