BMW announces plan to launch over 40 models in two years


New 3 Series, more crossovers in the pipeline for BMW

It started with the all-new 7 Series, followed by the G30 5 Series. In an effort to reclaim the top spot in luxury car sales, BMW has announced that they aim to release 40 new models and variants within the next two years, as announced by Harald Krueger, CEO of BMW. Krueger said this plan is, "the biggest product offensive" the marque has ever launched. 

Starting with crossovers, BMW will be releasing three new crossovers. First is the X2, a swoopier, sleeker version of their smallest crossover, the X1. Moving up a size is the upcoming X3, their best-selling crossover. It is slated to be fully revealed by the third quarter of this year. Lastly, the X7, the company's first attempt at a full-size crossover. Once released, it will be the flagship SUV of the brand set to compete against the likes of the Mercedes-Benz GLS and the upcoming Audi Q8.

For their sedan and wagon lineup, a majority of them have been released and launched, namely the 7 Series and 5 Series in both sedan and touring bodies. Also newly released is the is the 1 Series sedan, the first front wheel drive sedan from the company. At the moment, it is exclusively sold in China but it has been reported that BMW is considering it for release in other parts of the world. Another addition will be the 6 Series Gran Touring, a more practical version of the 6 Series Coupe. Perhaps most important to BMW is the all-new 3 Series, their best-selling model line, set to be unveiled by 2019.

In the sports car segment, it appears BMW is working on several models. There's the i8 Spyder, 6 Series Coupe, and the Z4 replacement tentatively named the Z5. Expect a slew of M and M Performance models to be part of the new car onslaught as well. BMW has also announced the iNext autonomous vehicle to boost their electric car lineup. Krueger also said to expect more models to come out of their “i” hybrid and electric division.

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