BMW has just released photos of all its 7 Series vehicles sporting it infamous 12-cylinder creations that started out all the way back from 1987. First introduced in the 750i(E32) and had 3000 pre-order ahead of its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show, BMW boasts of being the first car maker to use a 12-cylinder engine on its luxury sedan in half a century.

The new engine back then, which had been designed completely from scratch for the E32 750i, develops 300hp from a displacement of five liters and have progressed to the E38 750i which had 322hp to the E66 760i which had 439hp up until the latest F07 760Li which churns out 535hp.

First generation

“Its refinement, low noise levels and excellent balance between performance and fuel consumption set new benchmarks in engine design. These objectives were achieved by using state-of-the-art technologies and a raft of innovative ideas right across the board. In short, the BMW 750i’s 12-cylinder engine had been built with the aim of setting a new and groundbreaking benchmark that would occupy the highest echelons of automotive engineering,” says BMW.

BMW’s development chief at the time was quoted as saying: “if the engineers wanted to go for nothing but the best of everything, we didn’t try to stop them.”