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BMW Concept Z4 previews production version due next year


BMW reveals Concept Z4 at Concours d’Elegance

With the reveal of the BMW Concept Z4, the German automaker presents a preview of what the production version of the said roadster looks. The concept confirms the general shape of the car from its tip of its front fascia to the upswept trunk lid.

Like the car in the spy shots, the Concept Z4 has upswept headlights and shows a new and unique take on the signature 'angel eye' look. Instead of being placed alongside each other, the LED light rings are stacked in an offset manner. Complementing the headlights are a pair of wide kidney grills while the hood sees a pair of vertical vents. Also, the front bumpers have defined edges with large air intakes on each corner.


On to its side, BMW has placed air outlets on the fenders, similar to the ones in their production sedans. Two character lines define the edges of the side profile with one near the window line and the other at the lower half of the car. Sticking to roadster tradition, the rear track of the Concept Z4 is wider than the front track. Speaking of its rear end, the upswept tail of the Concept Z4 forms an integrated trunk lid spoiler and a pair of slim, LED tail lights complete the style of the rear fascia. The look of the side mirrors and the speedster-like rear quarters are unlikely to make production.

Inside, the Concept Z4 retains the classic driver-oriented dashboard from past BMWs. Another BMW signature that makes its way to the concept is the floor-hinged accelerator pedal. Also, the three-spoke steering wheel sees two red buttons with one of them marked as 'Race'. Meanwhile, the dials are housed in a hexagonal cluster which is the current theme of recent BMW concepts. It is also worth mentioning that the concept shows an automatic transmission.

BMW said that the road-going version of the next-generation Z4 will make its debut within 2018. Judging from the past spy photos, the Z4 will have turbocharged four and six-cylinder engines. If one were to base it on BMW's current engine line up, power is likely to range from 184 PS for the base 2.0-liter, all the way to 340 PS for the range-topping inline-six. BMW has not mentioned an M version of the car.

As mentioned before, the second-generation BMW Z4 shares its platform with the upcoming Toyota Supra. The Z4 will only come in one body style as a roadster while the Toyota Supra will be a hardtop. With the Concept Z4 revealed, it is likely that the Supra concept will be shown during this year's Tokyo Motor Show.

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