Asian Carmakers Corporation (ACC), the official importer and distributor of BMW cars in the country, continues on its successful course as the Philippines' leading premium car brand as the company registered a 30% increase in sales from the month of August to September. Year to date sales performance records over 560 BMW cars, securing its 32% share in the premium segment.

ACC-BMW attributes their strong sales increase to the release of new products such as the X1, X3, the new 7 Series, 5 Series and the 1 Series. The BMW X Series proves to be the best-selling SUV in the premium segment with total year-to-date unit sales at 158, chalking up 32% share of the SUV segment. Likewise, the flagship model 7 Series dominates with a 27% share of its segment, with year-to-date sales at 33 units. The 5 Series saw the biggest growth in its segment with a 39% increase in sales over the same period of the previous year, while the 1 Series achieved the largest growth at 94%, boasting a 49% share in its segment.

"At the core of BMW's growth is the strength of its products, which carries the momentum upon which BMW has ridden its success," said ACC President Maricar Parco.

While the total automotive industry is down, the total premium luxury segment registered a 3% increase in September 2011 year-to-date figures compared to the same period in 2010

Part of its expansion plans for the brand include a sixth BMW dealership in Cagayan de Oro to service customers in Mindanao. This will be the first BMW dealership in Mindanao.

BMW's Global Performance

The upward trend of BMW local sales is reflective of the global performance of the leading premium car brand. BMW Global has reported its best September sales ever with a 9.3% increase in sales versus 2010, resulting in a 14.5% year-to-date growth in sales over that of last year. In September 2011 alone, BMW sold 128,446 units worldwide.

BMW Global reported 2010 year-to-date sales at 892,000, while it has achieved over 1,021,000 unit sales in 2011.

At the core of this success is the strength of the new BMW X3, with a 260.6% year-on-year increase at over 11,000 in September alone, and the high demand for the 5 Series, which achieved a 30% increase in September year-over-year sales versus 2010.