After seven years on the market, BMW will soon be retiring sixth-generation 3 Series. As a new decade dawns, so too will an all-new 3 Series. Yes, after countless spy shots and teasers, the seventh-gen 3 Series is coming and the covers will be pulled off come October 2.

BMW fans rejoice: Next-gen 3 Series to be revealed on October 2

Internally known as the G20, the next-generation will be making its debut at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. Before its official reveal, BMW showed photos of the car zipping around the Nurburgring, as well as revealing a fair amount of detail.

From the previous photos, the 2019 3 Series appears to follow the form of its bigger siblings, the 7 Series and 5 Series. There's the longer wraparound headlights annexed by larger kidney grills. In the latest teaser photo and video, there's a clearer look of the LED signature, which now has a more angular take on the old 'corona rings'.

BMW fans rejoice: Next-gen 3 Series to be revealed on October 2

Along with that, there appears to be more creases on the sides and, of course, the Hoffmeister Kink sticks around for this generation. In the video, there's now a better view of the rear. It appears to have tail lights inspired by the 8 Series Coupe and, as a whole, the back looks more angular than before. Lastly, there's the tail light pattern which retains the L-shaped look.

The debut announcement aside, there's still not a lot of details surrounding the G20 3 Series. They did say that it will come with the most powerful four-cylinder engine fitted to a BMW. In their preview, the car also came with dual exhaust pipes, hinting that there is still a six-cylinder model to be offered.

See the preview here