BMW is indeed serious in releasing an open-top version of their plug-in sports hybrid. First revealed in concept form back in 2012, BMW has just released a teaser of the upcoming i8 Roadster which is slated to be revealed soon.

Even with the heavy camouflage, we do get to see the i8 Roadster's fabric soft-top, along with a new pair of buttresses which replace the rear windshield. Several months ago, our spies were able to take photos of the upcoming convertible being tested on public roads. It too had a fabric soft-top which could mean the i8 Roadster will have conventional doors instead of gullwing doors.

Also seen on the i8 Roadster are what appear to be a slightly updated front and rear design. Beginning with the former, it looks like BMW gave the i8 Roadster a sharper look thanks to the tweaked headlights and front bumper. Meanwhile, the rear appears to get a pair of updated taillights.

BMW gives a glimpse of drop-top i8 Roadster

It is expected that the 1.5-liter TwinPower Turbo hybrid powertrain will be providing propulsion for the soft-top i8 Roadster. There are rumors going around, however, that the upcoming drop-top will receive a power boost. This will apparently be made possible via an uprated engine and a bigger battery pack for improved range.

BMW gives a glimpse of drop-top i8 Roadster

The BMW i8 Roadster could make its debut at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show while the production model may arrive by Q1 of 2018.