Last week, leaked photos of what appeared the all-new BMW 3 Series surfaced on the web. If the photos were to be believed, the next-generation 3 Series features an evolutionary redesign and appears to blend the new look of the 5 Series and 7 Series.

Now, the Bavarian automaker has made it official by releasing new photos of the new 3 Series being driven on the Nurburgring. Still wearing camouflage, BMW is apparently putting the final touches on the new 3 Series by unleashing it at the infamous Green Hell.

Next-gen BMW 3 Series shows its chops at the Green Hell

Like the pictures that were leaked last week, the all-new 3 Series now comes with bigger headlights and a wider, more prominent dual kidney grill. Kitted with the M-Sport package, the center air intake is large, as well as new corner air intakes. Despite of the camo livery, the signature Hoffmeister kink can still be seen on the new 3 Series. The rear is still pretty much covered but it will most likely come with redesigned L-shaped taillights reminiscent of the 5 and 7 Series models.

With the set goal of enhanced sporty flair, BMW was busy making it lighter, more rigid, as well have better cornering ability. Aside from making the body more lightweight and stiffer, axle load from the front and rear axles have also been lightened. This allowed engineers to give the 3 Series have 50:50 weight distribution and more neutral handling. It will also have an innovative damping system that can soften a bumpy ride.

Next-gen BMW 3 Series shows its chops at the Green Hell

BMW is still tight-lipped of what engines are to be offered on the all-new 3 Series. However, they did mention that it will be available with a 'thoroughly revised four-cylinder petrol engine'. The automaker even went on to say that it's the most powerful four-cylinder to be fitted in a BMW production car but will have better fuel economy than its predecessor. Moreover, the 3 Series will also be equipped with an optimized eight-speed Steptronic automatic transmission to further improve fuel economy and emissions.

Next-gen BMW 3 Series shows its chops at the Green Hell

A wide array of M Sport goodies will be available on the next-gen 3 Series it seems. According to the automaker, the following kit can be fitted on the four-door; sports suspension, 18-inch lightweight alloy wheels, variable sports steering, M Sport-tuned differential and a bespoke M Sport bodykit.

Expect BMW to officially unveil the all-new 3 Series soon, possibly before the year ends.