The BMW Group progresses by having a sales record in September 2013. The group’s sales rise by 6.7% with 189,675 vehicles sold compared to 177,726 vehicles in September 2012. From January to September 2013, the sales increased by 7.5% to an all-time high 1,436,178 vehicles. During the same period in 2012, BMW group was able to sell 1,335,502 vehicles.

There has been a noted growth in sales among Asian countries.  BMW Group was able to sell 54,014 vehicles in September 2013 boosting the sales up by 18%. Likewise, the sales during the first nine months of the year went up by 17.8% with 421,456 vehicles sold.

The main driver for the boost in Asia is the sales growth in China. 35,408 vehicles were accounted for in September 2013 where sales went up by 20.8% compared to the same month in 2012. Year-to-date sales tally up to 284,964 vehicles that gives a 20.2% increase to that of last year. Following China, BMW Group reports year-to-date gains in two other countries namely Japan with 46,502 vehicles (+10.8%) and South Korea with 29,409 vehicles (+19.8%).