BMW became the world's first carmaker to provide vehicle functions on Samsung’s electronic wristwatch, the Galaxy Gear.  Users will have to install the BMW i Remote App, which will keep them connected with their BMW i3 at all times and provide them information like battery status and driving range.   It will also work efficiently to provide them with the assistance they need outside the car.

The BMW i Remote App also shows whether the windows, doors and sunroof are closed and allows users to send a navigation destination to the vehicle or adjust the on-board climate in preparation for a journey – with the option of spoken commands via S Voice, Samsung's speech recognition assistant.

Users can also addresses from their smartphone contact list directly to the car's built-in navigation system so that you don’t need to type in an address every single time and it will also monitor the current traffic situation and advise the user if taking public transportation would be a much better option.

The service is available for its new i3 and i8 electric vehicles as part of the BMW ConnectedDrive system.