Like other German automakers, BMW is keen on pushing electric vehicle tech. After the bold hybrid-electric, mid-engined i8, the next chapter of BMW's road to electrification will be more sensible. Coming soon is a four-door coupe, and it runs on nothing but voltage.

BMW calls it the i4, and they have released a few details about it. Given that it will be launched in 2021, it could be said that BMW is rather excited about their first series production four-door. But to keep things interesting, the automaker has still kept most of the car under wraps. Think of this then as official spyshots from BMW.

BMW i4 aims to be the ultimate (plug-in) driving machine image

One look at the car and it seems like it will be a pure-electric derivative of the future 4 Series Gran Coupe. That being said, the whole 4 Series range has yet to be revealed meaning the preview of the i4 could be indicative of its upcoming release. In classic BMW form, the i4 employs a long hood while the sleek rook profile is an evolution of BMW's recent Gran Coupe models. We could expect a variation of BMW's trademark kidney grill, much like the iX3 concept shown late last year.

As for performance, BMW has laid out bold claims. There are no exact horsepower (or should we say kilowatt?) figures just yet, but they say the i4 can do 0 to 100 km/h in just 4 seconds. Top speed on the other hand is 200 km/h, according to the manufacturer. Moreover, the i4 can go up to 600 kilometers on a single full charge. So while there's no straight six under the hood, the BMW i4 looks like it can give its fuel-fed counterparts a good run on the drag strip.