The BMW i8 took top honors in the Car of the Year category of the 2015 Vehicle Dynamics International Awards.

According to the organizers, this year's Car of the Year category featured “some of the best cars” from the past twelve months, but the BMW i8 won the vote of the international judging panel.

“The i8 has been hailed by some as the future of the supercar. While the car’s hybrid drivetrain is clever, some of its chassis technologies are just as impressive,” said jury member Jim Kenzie.

Aside from winning the Car of the Year award, BMW has bagged the Dynamics Team of the Year and Philippine juror Carl Cunanan (Editor-in-chief, C! Magazine) praised the brand's chassis department.

“Trying to change the way a historic, and historically adamant, brand moves in direction is challenging at any time. But the fact that BMW has produced end results, which have been very well received, is amazing,” said Cunanan.