With more and more technology being fitted onto our homes, thus making them Smart Homes, BMW has come up with new apps that wirelessly integrates the functions of a Smart Home onto the onboard iDrive infotainment system found on BMW automobiles.

Presented during the 2015 Consumer Electronics Unlimited in Berlin, the new apps were made possible alongside Deutsche Telekom and Samsung, allowing users to control key functions at their smart home while they are mobile.

BMW Smart Home in action

The system is comprised of the Smart Home app made by Deutsche Telekom, an iOS-based application that can be integrated into a BMW i3 or any other model fitted with BMW ConnectedDrive Services. Android users on the other hand will get the SmartThings app which was developed by Samsung.

As stated earlier, the two apps enable remote control function of certain items at home like climate control, checking if all the doors and windows are locked and even turning on the lights. The apps will also notify users if there are water leaks or intruders inside the home.

Another view of the BMW Smart Home

Aside from these nifty apps, BMW also presented support for the Go Pro cameras and app as well. Camera holders and attachments specific for GoPro cameras were introduced and will be available soon from the company's Original BMW Accessories range.

The GoPro integration in the BMW iDrive

Moving to the GoPro app, BMW has also integrated it to their ConnectedDrive Services, allowing users to control the camera via the iDrive controller. GoPro functions such as recording, photo burst and browsing can easily be done on the iDrive.