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BMW iX3 concept presents electric future of crossovers


BMW X3 transformed into all-electric iX3 concept

Keen on expanding their electric car portfolio, BMW has unveiled the iX3 concept in Beijing. With automakers coming up with electric car concepts, it perhaps only made sense to pair them with one of the hottest selling segment these days, the crossover. Essentially, the iX3 concept is an electric-powered version of the BMW X3.

The body of the car is generally similar to the internal combustion X3, save for key design tweaks to show off its green credentials. As previewed last time, it gets a different take on the signature kidney grill, connecting the two trim pieces together. Also present is a smoother front bumper, reshaped in a way that may likely aid aerodynamics.


Gloss-finished cladding surrounds the bottom half of the car and it rides on i8 and i3-inspired low-profile wheels. Like other electric BMW products, there are blue highlights throughout the vehicle. Lastly, there's an integrated rear bumper diffuser in the iX3. For now, BMW has yet to show its interior.

BMW uses what they call the fifth-generation of their eDrive technology. It comes with model-specific high-voltage battery has a net capacity of over 70 kWh. That means a range of 400 km on one charge, according to BMW. In addition, BMW said that charging times on the iX3 can be as quick as 30 minutes when plugged in fast charging stations with 150 kW outputs. The concept also features all-wheel drive and generates 270 PS from its batteries.

According to the company, the future series-production version of the iX3 will have powertrain of the their future concept, the BMW iNext. BMW is still not mentioning when their first all-electric crossover will reach the public. Given how BMW times their launches after the premiere of a concept, it is possible that the road-going iX3 will debut in a year or two from now.

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