The BMW X5 is big. But for some people that's not enough, so much so that BMW decided to go for something bigger.

Enter, the BMW X7, and it's just made its regional debut in Thailand. With that, BMW's crossover range is now complete in ASEAN and the brand is determined to be the leader in luxury crossovers in the region.

At over 5.1 meters long, 2 meters wide and 1.8 meters tall, the X7 dwarfs the X5 by a significant amount. It's also their heaviest, tipping the scales at a hefty 2,395 kilograms. As its name suggests, the X7 shares the same platform as the 7 Series, BMW's range-topping sedan. That being said, the luxury sedan is still longer than the flagship SUV.

2020 BMW X7 BIMS image

For the Thai market, they get the most powerful diesel X7 available. Also, they only get one variant for their country, which is the top-dog M50d xDrive. Stats? While it doesn't use a V8, the diesel straight-six replaces displacement for a quad-turbo set-up. As a result, the 3.0-liter engine produces 400 PS and a stump-pulling torque sum of 760 Nm. This helps the almost 2.4 tonne heavyweight do the 0 to 100 km/h sprint 5.4 seconds. They're even claiming up to 12.8 kilometers per liter in city driving. 

2020 BMW X7 BIMS image

Because there's an 'M' in its name, the X7 M50d gets not just a sports appearance package, but some upgrades to the suspension as well. It gets a more aggressive set of bumpers, both front and rear. Large air intakes, faux and functional, are all over the front bumper. Of course, there's also the bold grill dominating most of its front end.

Also, the kitted-up X7 removes most of the chrome in favor of gloss black trim BMW calls Shadowline. It then rides on massive 22-inch alloy wheels and peeking through them are M Sport brakes, which you'll most likely need in a 400 horsepower vehicle which weighs well over two tonnes. If the more aggressive look isn't enough of a hint, there are also larger exhaust pipes present at the back, showing passers-by that this is the fastest X7 around.

2020 BMW X7 BIMS image

Given that BMW Philippines usually sends most of their models here, there is a strong chance of the big Bimmer being launched locally. However, it might not be the M50d model and we'll most likely get tamer, but still potent, X7 30d with 265 PS and 620 Nm of torque. Then again, nothing has been confirmed by BMW Philippines, so we'll have to wait for now.