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BMW's M Division wants to develop their own car


M's own

Isn't this interesting? Albert Biermann, BMW's head of product development has stated that BMW M division, the group behind the brand's high performance models like the 1 M Coupe, M3, M5 and M6, among others, says that the division would like to develop their own car.

Unlike performance car brands like Porsche and Ferrari, BMW's M models are re-engineered high performance versions of the standard BMW cars. Biermann says that M division has the proper skills and passion to undertake the design and engineering of their own car.

One such German performance division that has engineered their own car is AMG with the modern day reinterpretation of the SL Gullwing in the SLS AMG supercar. Audi has also done the same and produced the R8 (in both V8 and V10 engines) with much success.


Biermann says that they were "never able to make the business case" when it comes to designing their own car. That said, we sure hope they would, as we will definitely relish the idea of a BMW supercar like the M1 to make a comeback.

SOURCE: Inside Line

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