BMW tags the M2 Competition as a more track-oriented version of their high performance coupe. However, BMW might have though that it won't be enough for some of their customers. Their solution? Give the M2 more performance goodies straight from the M Division.

BMW M2 Competition gets upgraded for track day junkies

Dubbed the BMW M2 Competition Performance, it gets a slew of lighter materials, more aero parts, a unique suspension set up and a special interior. The upgrades to the car can be ordered part by part or as one whole package, depending on the customer's preference. Customers can choose to make their M2 Competition come with a carbon fiber hood, fenders, roof and trunk lid. BMW says that not only do the carbon panels give the coupe more style, it reduces weight as well.


BMW M2 Competition gets upgraded for track day junkies

Aside from the carbon fiber parts, the M2 Competition can also be ordered with adjustable suspension. When tweaked, the car can be set lower by as much as 20 mm over the standard model. There are 12 settings for suspension compression and 16 for rebound. Handling is further enhanced by uprated brakes that are now larger in diameter. Special brake pad compounds can be specified as well with BMW claiming it is made for long stints on the race track. The specially-designed 19-inch wheels have also been lightened and it can be shod in Michelin Cup Sport 2 tires.

There are other upgrades on the car too. A titanium exhaust can be fitted which comes with an electronic flap to either keep the car quiet or crank up the engine's volume. Helping aerodynamics are the optional front splitter, side skirt extensions, and a rear wing, all finished in carbon fiber. For the regulars on the race track, the M Performance Drive Analyzer measures lap times, G-forces and more.