The Guinness World Record for the longest sustained drift has been broken by BMW Performance Center Instructor Johan Schwartz behind the wheel of a BMW M5 Sedan last May 11, 2013.

M5 Drift

Schwartz was able to let the M5 drift around the skid pad for 322.5 laps or an equivalent of 82.5239 kilometers (51.728 miles) beating the previous record of 76.78 kilometers (47.71 miles) that was set last February in Abu Dhabi. The M5 sedan used was a stock 2013 model and is equipped with an M-DCT transmission and a fresh set of Continental ContiSport ultra-high performance tires (255/30/20 front; 295/30/20 rear).


The record breaking attempt generated over $20,000 in charitable donations and will be benefitting the BMW Charity Pro-Am.