Back in 2013, BMW set a world record for the longest drift with the then new F10 M5. They managed to do an epic run of 82.5km covering 322.5 laps of the round course at the BMW Performance Center in South Carolina. However, the Bavarian automaker lost the title in 2014 when a Toyota 86 set a new standing record of 144km. Now, BMW has returned and obliterated the previous record by setting a 374km drift record.

To claim the record, BMW once again used an M5, this time with the all-new 2018 F90 model. Behind the wheel was BMW Performance Driving School instructor Johan Schwartz, who also set the previous record for BMW. Compared to his prior attempt, Schwartz was able to do more than 2,000 laps. After 8 hours, Guinnes World Record crowned the M5 as record holder for completing a 374.17km drift.

In order to make the record happen, BMW had to prepare another M5 (F10) to make it a support vehicle. Specifcally, it was made into a refueling vehicle with an extra gas tank fitted in the trunk, feeding the 4.4-liter biturbo V8. Matt Mullins was tasked to refuel the F90 M5 no less than five times during the attempt, all while both cars were drifting. Watching the video, you can see that both cars actually came into contact a couple of times while doing the refuelling procedure.

Apart from the reclaiming the title of longest drift, BMW also managed take another record that day. The team managed to bag the longest twin-vehicle water assisted drift record set at 63.16km.