For those that find the standard BMW M2 Competition lacking, the Bavarian automaker offers it with optional goodies from straight from M Division. However, what about those owners who really want to take it one step further with their M2, but not void their warranty.

Enter the BMW M Performance Parts concept.

BMW pimps out the M2 with carbon fiber M Performance goodies

Revealed at the currently on-going Goodwood Festival of Speed, BMW says the car is based of a standard M2 Competition. It sports a wide array of upgraded M parts, most of which are made from carbon fiber to help reduce the overall weight of the car. Furthermore, some of the parts are already available as an option when you order an M2 Competition from the dealership.

What's new from M Division's parts catalog? For starters, the hood is now made from carbon fiber and shaves off 8kg compared to the M2's standard hood. The fenders are also made from carbon fiber cutting down an additional 3kg. The front winglets are also made from carbon.

The carbon fiber diet doesn't stop there. BMW has also replaced the roof with a carbon fiber unit to shave off another 6kg and also helps the lower center of gravity. There are also new forged 19-inch wheels finished in Frozen Gold which are 6kg lighter than the standard set. A carbon fiber trunk will also be made available to further slash weight by 5kg.

BMW pimps out the M2 with carbon fiber M Performance goodies

Inside, the cabin has been given a carbon make over as well to match the exterior. The front seats are now 9kg lighter than standard M2 Competition seats, while the rear seats reduce another 13kg. A lightweight battery completes the M Performance Parts Concept's diet.

Combined, BMW says the carbon diet helps cut around 60kg which will help the car go faster and handle better. Apart from shedding weight, BMW has also fitted the vehicle with coilover suspension to lower it by 20mm.

BMW pimps out the M2 with carbon fiber M Performance goodies

While not all parts are currently available such as the trunk and fenders, BMW says they will be made available within the year.