It looks like BMW will finally embrace the concept of delivering autonomous driving pleasure. Set to make its world debut soon is the iNEXT Vision concept, a self-driving EV that will preview BMW's range of electric-powered autonomous cars.

First mentioned way back in 2016, the iNEXT Vision will feature the company's high-tech software, along with the company's future style design. Made possible with Intel and Mobileye, the iNEXT Vision will lay the groundwork of BMW's foray into autonomous driving mobility for the near future.

BMW's self-driving iNEXT Vision concept is ready for its debut

Based on the teaser provided, the iNEXT Vision will have a radically-styled exterior that is dominated by a huge dual kidney front grill along with sleek headlights. Other details regarding its design are still a mystery. However, we did notice that the iNEXT appears to have taken inspiration from the X4 and X6 models due to the iNEXT Vision's coupe-like roofline. Also seen are the massive alloy wheels and tall ground clearance of the EV concept.

The iNEXT Vision's inner workings are still kept under wraps before its scheduled debut. What we do know, however, is that the BMW Group was in charge of making the driving control and dynamics, testing the simulation EV powerplant, and the overall component integration within the system itself.

BMW's self-driving iNEXT Vision concept is ready for its debut

On the other hand, Intel provided the necessary high-performance computing and processing (Intel Go) in order to handle all the data from the vehicle to the data center. As for Mobileye, the company used its proprietary EyeQ 5 high-performance computer vision processor that allows it to see 360-degree vision.

The iNEXT Vision is slated to make its world debut in the coming weeks. Also, BMW plans to release a whole range of self-driving cars through all of its brands by 2021.