The excitement for the new BMW Z4, more so for its Japanese-badged brother, the Toyota Supra, have quieted down a bit. What could possibly mar all the hype though is a recent recall issued by BMW.

In a statement released by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), the 2020 Toyota Supra is subject for a recall for seatbelt guide loops that might have been welded improperly. That’s the bad news. The good news is that only seven Supra units are affected (good, if you’re not one of the owners of the said seven units).

The recall explains that the Supras in question may have defective or improperly welded seatbelt guide loops that, in the event of an accident, may not let the seatbelt do its job in restraining the occupant properly. Here’s the kicker: in cars found with substandard welding, it will have to be replaced entirely. Yes, the entire car will be taken and a new one will be given as a replacement, totally free of charge.

What’s quite strange though is the fact that the recall was issued by BMW and not Toyota. For those wondering, the reason is because BMW manufactures the Supras in Austria; that makes them responsible for the potential defect. Given that this is a rather small recall, Toyota has begun reaching out to owners since September 13th, and they will also send out registered mail if they receive no response.

We have reached out to Toyota Motor Philippines, but as of writing, we have yet to receive confirmation if any of the Supras in or bound for the Philippines is one of the unfortunate units. We’ll be updating this page should new information come in.