BMW has revealed its latest hydrogen-powered vehicle during the company’s 2015 Innovation Days event in southern France.

Based on a 5 Series GT, BMW says the hydrogen fuel cell technology was co-developed with Toyota. The German automaker adds that the said technology combines emission-free mobility with “sporting dynamics, excellent ride comfort and long-distance capability.”

The hydrogen-powered BMW 5 Series GT

The hydrogen-powered 5 Series GT features an electric motor from the brand's i vehicle line-up. The company claims that the electric motor delivers 248 PS.  The vehicle gets its fuel from a hydrogen fuel storage that is placed between the front and rear axle. The BMW-patented storage allows the hydrogen-powered 5 Series GT to drive for over 500km before refueling.    

The collaboration between the BMW Group and the Toyota Motor Company began in 2013. It aims to push the development of fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) drive technology and have an initial group of approved components ready by 2020.