If you were waiting for BMW to launch a coupe or convertible version of the 3 Series much like the way the E92 was to the E90, well, they've changed it up a bit.

This is the BMW Concept 4 Series Coupe, and will be the fourth generation of the sporty mid-range coupe set to take the place of the 3 Series Coupe.

Judging by the design of the car, the Concept 4 Series Coupe appears to be farther along the development of the car than the usual “concept” stages. The looks of the Concept 4 Series Coupe appears more like a late stage prototype than an actual concept car, and takes many of the cues from the current F30 3 Series such as the shape of the headlamps, the grille and other details, albeit more high tech in treatment.

Unlike the 6 Series Gran Coupe which has 4 doors, the Concept 4 Series is a true 2-door sports coupe. The car has a 50mm longer wheelbase than the current E92 coupe, and is also longer at 4641mm, wider at 1826mm, and sits lower at 1362mm.

The cabin appears fully functional and features the latest in BMW's design as used in their latest models like the F30 3 Series. Nevertheless, BMW designed the cabin to convey the premium feel expected of the brand, as well as the driver oriented appeal that BMW stands for.

BMW is still hush hush about the actual engines to be put in the production versions of the 4 Series, but it's possible that BMW's acclaimed Twin Power Turbo 4-cylinder engines could be the powerplant of choice.

The BMW Concept 4 Series, in a way, continues the BMW tradition of naming their sports coupes and grand tourers with even numbers such as the 6 Series and the discontinued 8 Series.

According to several sources, BMW is reportedly planning convertible and perhaps even an M4 from BMW's elite M-Division. Oh joy.