You might have heard of the name Jozef Kaban. Despite his unassuming disposition, he carries with him an impressive resume designing automobiles you might be familiar with.

Kaban began his career in exterior design at Volkswagen in 1993. Here, he rose to be team leader while simultaneously heading exterior design at Bugatti from 1998. In 2003, he then moved to Audi where he was in charge of exterior design until 2006. Kaban also had a hand in Skoda’s designs from 2008 to 2017. His latest posts were as Head of Design in BMW in 2017 before being appointed Head of Design at Rolls Royce in 2019. He will lead Design at Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand beginning July 1, 2020.

BMW, Rolls-Royce design chief returns to Volkswagen image

Design veteran Michael Mauer will also be on the move. Currently heading both Volkswagen Group Design and Design at Porsche, he will concentrate on responsibilities for the latter once the leadership changes come into effect. Since beginning his career with Mercedes-Benz in 1986, he has also moved to Saab and General Motors Europe serving various roles in design. Mauer has been Head of Design at Porsche AG since 2004 and has additionally been responsible for Group Design since 2016.

BMW, Rolls-Royce design chief returns to Volkswagen image

Taking the helm as Head of (VW) Design Group will be Klaus Bischoff. With his resume filled out by everything Volkswagen, he will take over effective April 1, 2020. Being with Volkswagen since 1989, he began in interior design. In 1996, he was named Head of Design Concepts. Following further senior management roles as Head of Interior Passenger Cars, Head of Exterior Design and Head of Complete Vehicle Design, Bischoff was placed in charge of the Design Center in Wolfsburg in 2006. He was appointed Chief Designer at the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand in 2007.

With Volkswagen's new ideologies, brand positioning, and leaders at the helm, perhaps everyone should take this as a serious show of the brand's thrust moving forward.