It was around last month when BMW officially bid farewell to the rear-wheel drive 1 Series Hatch with the M140i Final Edition. It received a powerful turbo inline-six, along with a sportier-looking appearance pack.

With that behind them, BMW has focused all of its efforts and resoruces for the all-new front-wheel drive 1 Series. After being seen by our spies last February 2018 playing in the snow, the Bavarian automaker has officially released new photos of the next-gen hatchback.


Still draped in camo, BMW has been busy testing the new 1 Series at their proving grounds in Miramas, France. From tight handling courses to agility tests and wet-weather driving, BMW is keen on delivering the best in driving dynamics for the all-new hatchback.

So much so that BMW said that it has a 'cutting-edge' suspension setup, innovativte technologies and the integration of all driving dynamics-related components and control systems. In a nutshell, BMW is saying that the new 1 Series Hatch will be one of their best-handling front-wheel drive cars once it is released. From the brand that is known more for making rear-wheel drive cars, this comes as a bold claim.


BMW also mentioned that since it's now front-wheel drive, the 1 Series Hatch will have improved interior space. With a lower center tunnel and transverse engines in play, the automaker claims that rear passengers will be treated to a more spacious cabin. Moreover, BMW mentioned that rear passengers will have 33mm more legroom, as well as 19mm of extra headroom. Besides making the cabin roomier, BMW was also busy making the luggage compartment bigger. From 360 liters, the new 1 Series Hatch will come with 380 liters worth of luggage space.

Apart from making the new 1 Series Hatch handle better and have more cabin space, it will also have BMW's most powerful TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder engine. Rated to produce 306 PS, the 2.0-liter engine comes with a reinforced crank drive, new pistons and connecting rods, a bigger exhaust for the turbocharger, as well as optimized fuel injection valves. Compared to the 335 horsepower 3.0-liter turbo inline-six found in the M140i, the new 2.0-liter TwinPower Turbo is already knocking on the six-cylinder's output figures even though it has two less cylinders.


When officially released, the all-new 1 Series Hatch will join the 1 Series Sedan which was first released in China and it will soon be offered in other countries and regions.