If you've been on social media recently, then you've probably seen viral videos of the latest internet sensation called the #BottleCapChallenge. Heck, odds are you've probably even tried it yourself.

The origin of the Bottle Cap Challenge is somewhat uncertain, but one of the first videos to show up and go viral was the one made by Jason Statham. Soon after that, other celebrities, such as John Mayer and Donnie Yen, have also taken part in the challenge with each one putting their own unique twist while doing so.

As the name of the challenge implies, the goal is to be able to remove the bottle cap by using non-conventional methods. In the case of Statham, Mayer, and Yen, they all did the challenge by kicking it. In fact, the Ip Man was even blindfolded while doing so. Now the trend has been so popular, German automaker BMW has also accepted the challenge and showed that they can also take on the viral sensation.

The German automaker has recently posted their successful bottle cap challenge attempt on Facebook, showing a standard BMW M4 clipping a water bottle by drifting and removing the bottle cap. Piloting the M4 was BMW Driving Experience head instructor Claudia Hürtgen. Aside from a small attachment at the rear which helps in opening the bottle, the M4 used in the video is completely stock. Considering how small a water bottle is compared to an M4, it was certainly no easy task. But Hurtgen didn't become the head instructor at BMW Driving Experience for nothing.

Now that BMW has successfully taken on the challenge, let's wait and see if other manufacturers will also be joining in on the latest internet sensation.

A word of warning though: please don't try this on public roads. Also, don't blame BMW if you try this stunt and end up with a crunched quarter panel.