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BMW tests hydrogen fuel cell tech in i8


BMW i8 fuel cell prototype features a carbon fiber body

Alongside the hydrogen-powered 5 Series GT, BMW has also introduced the i8 hydrogen fuel cell research vehicle during the company’s 2015 Innovation Days event.

The sports car research vehicle is used as a test unit for BMW’s hydrogen fuel cell technology that is planned to go into production by 2020.  

Based on the BMW i8, the two-door research vehicle features a carbon fiber construction as well as an aerodynamic body kit. In addition, the i8 fuel cell research vehicle looks different compared to the production model as seen on its revamped front and rear design. The research vehicle also sports a matte black exterior finish.


This i8 fuel cell research vehicle is powered by hydrogen energy which is stored inside a cryogenic storage tank. It also has a rear-mounted electric motor that generates 245 PS in place of the 1.5-liter TwinPower turbo engine.

As a review, the BMW Group and the Toyota Motor Company signed a partnership last 2013. Under the said partnership, the two companies will push the development of fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) drive technology. 

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